We aim to be a company and create products that are loved by everyone - just like dolphins are in the natural world.

Product Item

We always work to create products with the concept of “a uniquely different taste.”
Our thorough quality control ensures we deliver safe products which our customers trust.
Our relentless passion and care for our customers mean we are always in tune with the fashion of the moment.

At Ogawa Foods, our mission is “creating moments of joy through deliciousness beyond expectations.” To deliver the ultimate in happiness and satisfaction to our customers, we work as one team to be a company and create products that are loved by everyone.

Factory Introduction

The organization that provides products as beloved as dolphins.
A professional team creating products that satisfy customer expectations.

Raising the safety bar to prevent foreign substance intrusion by thinking from five different perspectives.

  • 1Thinking about raw materials: Making sure foreign substances do not enter from outside the factory (delineating clean areas)
  • 2Thinking about plant and equipment: Foreign substances that must not be included (metal detectors)
  • 3Thinking about staff: Work uniforms have long sleeves without pockets, thorough training about food hygiene
  • 4Thinking about how we work: Managing how we record information (management of affixing labels)
  • 5Thinking about work processes and hygiene standards: The lifelines of food processing factories (prevention of cross-contamination by zoning and one-way movement flows)

Always delicious! Easy to store! Leaves you wanting more!
Our employees use precision machinery such as vertical and horizontal pillow packing machines to accurately weigh and carefully package our products.
We provide a classic, down-to-earth delicious flavor. It’s almost embarrassing how much of our treats you can scoff!

Quality Management

Our quality control team is proud to deliver products beloved by everyone,
just like dolphins are in the natural world.
Our promise is to provide safe products which our customers trust.

How do we confidently provide safe products which our customers trust?
Inspection resources: A key capability for safety and trust Drawing on technical guidance from Nippon Bacterial Test Co., Ltd., we are dedicated to improving our testing techniques.

[Test items]
Water, water activity, common bacteria,
coliform bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus

Our responsibility: Providing safe products which our customers trust.
Hygiene training for each employee: We utilize our food safety management system to promote employee education,
raising awareness of food safety among all employees, which in turn improves quality.

About Us

Location 〒890-0073
Description of business Delicacy・Peanut・Seafood・Confectionary manufacture sale and Other food sales
Foundation January,1965
Capital 11,672,000 yen
Branch office /Sales office Miyazaki Branch office
〒880-0912 1050-5,ooaza-Akaehieda,Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki

Kumamoto Sales office
〒866-0811 2234-2,Nishikatamachi,Yatsushiro-shi,Kumamoto